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 SWAT4 1.0 1.1 TSS on Your Computer

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PostSubject: SWAT4 1.0 1.1 TSS on Your Computer   Sat Mar 13, 2010 11:00 am


This topic is for presentation use ONLY, it is forbidden to illegal copy this game

Uninstall your SWAT4 game and fallow this instructions:

1) You have to download torrent download software (free - uTorrent), you will find installation file >>HERE<<

2) Install uTorrent on your computer:

- click `next`:

- select installation folder for uTorrent (default is: C:\Program Files\uTorrent):

- use default settings:

- now uTorrent is installed. Close it with right click on uTorrent icon and select `exit`:

3) Download SWAT4 v1.0 installation disks >>HERE<< (I have not tested this torrent, best when you will have own discs).

- browse programs to open SWAT4 1.0 with uTorrent:

- select uTorrent on list of programs:

- confirm selected program:

- uTorrent will open SWAT4 1.0 torrent file with. uTorrent will show list of files to download, also will show download folder:

- select SWAT4 1.0 torrent and hit `play` icon to start download:

4) Open downloaded SWAT4 1.0 disc image with your virtual disc. I will use DEAMON 4.30, you can download it from >>HERE<< for free

- mount virtual SWAT4 disc image:

- select SWAT4 1.0 CD1 and confirm `open`:

5) Start SWAT4 1.0 installation (should be opened autorun panel):

- click `next`:

- scroll down licence agreement, accept it nad click `next`:

- enter Serial Number of your game, click `next`:

- select your SWAT4 game installation folder (I used E:\SWAT4\), click next:

- click `next`:

- click `next`:

- click `install` to start installation:

- when installation will run, you will have to select SWAT4 1.0 CD2 in DEAMON, like you did this before, after this click `ok` icon in installer:

- before ending you will have to select back SWAT4 1.0 CD1 in DEAMON, click `ok` in installer:

- select `no install GameSpy Arcade` and click `next`:

- click `finish` to end installation:

- click `no, later` to not register your SWAT4 copy:

6) Crack your SWAT4 1.0 game

- go to crack folder on SWAT4 1.0 CD1 disc and copy both files:

- go to SWAT4 game system folder (I have E:\SWAT4\Content\System) and paste copied files here. Replace Swat4.exe file with cracked file:

7) Rename SWAT4 game content folder:

- go to SWAT4 installation folder (I have E:\SWAT4), right click `Content` folder, change name to `Content 1.0`:

8 ) Download SWAT4 1.1 and TSS torrent file here >>HERE<<

- Browse programs to open this file:

- select uTorrent from the program list:

- click `ok` to confirm program:

- uTorrent will show you files in torrent and download folder:

- select 1.1 and TTS torrent and start download pressing `play` icon:

- after download torrent file, mount 1.1 and TSS disc image with DEAMON like you did it before:

- select 1.1 and TSS iso file to load it:

- autorun will start game panel, select `SWAT4 Game`:

- select `Install`:

- click `next`:

- fill your namen and company name, click `next`:

- select SWAT4 1.1 and TSS installation folder, like you did it before (I have E:\SWAT4), click `next`:

- click `next`:

- click `next`:

- after installation is finished, click `finish` icon:

9) Installation is completed. Now go to SWAT4 installation folder (I have E:\SWAT4). You can see 4 folders and 3 files:

- Content 1.0 - SWAT4 v1.0 game folder; (I have E:\SWAT4\Content 1.0\System\Swat4.exe - game file)

- Content 1.1 - SWAT4 v1.1 game folder; (I have E:\SWAT4\Content\System\Swat4.exe - game file)

-ContentExpansion - SWAT4 TSS game folder; (I have E:\SWAT4\ContentExpansion\System\Swat4X.exe - game file)

Now you have v1.0, v1.1, TSS SWAT4 all versions, not including not official v1.2; SSF. Have fun with us.
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SWAT4 1.0 1.1 TSS on Your Computer
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