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 KL - Tpa 8-0(polaks no show)

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PostSubject: KL - Tpa 8-0(polaks no show)   Sun Nov 06, 2011 7:37 pm

Enemyes in match list has changed 100500 times, so i realy dunno even vs who we was played.

Tpa»| vs {KL} Date: 06.XI 19:00 CET Id UAC3 match- 3drdcup Server: Referee:

But whatever, we came to server in direct time but noone come even after 40 min.
I tryed to connect with Tpa leader and he sent me to D group leader, but he was offline, so i searched for referee and as Michal told KL won 8-0. Sad

We have only 2 members in UAC cuz we had no idea about playing we or not Charly and Naddan just waited in xfire to loggin(check screens and chat there to see who was online and able to play from KL)... Sry our fault, i didnt had in mind, that i should make screen of players in future to proove that we was there, my fail. But i think link, wich i gave its enough proof.
If it will continue like this, tournament die Razz
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KL - Tpa 8-0(polaks no show)
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