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PostSubject: BACK IN TIME 2V2 BS TOURNAMENT RULES   Tue Feb 23, 2016 3:17 pm

This Tournament has been created for having fun. Players who want to take advantages will not be accepted! An admin will be free to decide what is the best punishment for some unfair players.

General Rules:

  • Tournament - Official name "Back in time 2on2 Tournament"
  • Deadline to register Team is 29.02.2016
  • Tournament start: 01.03.2016
  • Version 1.1/1.0
  • Tournament language at Servers and Tourament forum is English
  • Tournament hours are GMT ( GMT time supported - CLICK  )
  • Tournament matches will be played every week (Arranged by teams or scheduled by organizers in case there is a reason)

    Match System/Rules:

  • Matches will be played 2vs2 with no VIEW. If Team have any substitutes, they need to be on standby, not on Server, he can join server only when his Team Player crash/disconnect.
  • In case of Player`s game crash, game is continued and he or Player on standby have to rejoin ASAP, crash have to be reported by Team mate.
  • Match winner is Team which gained more points in all played rounds.
  • Every map will be played as 2 rounds (each team will play every map 1x as SWAT, 1x as Suspects).
  • Every Team is choosing 1 different map for Match.
  • Match round duration is 15min.
  • Before any round will be started, the occurring map must be restarted.
  • No Spray (Remove it from your equipment)
  • No Cheats.(penalty: Team removed from Tournament)
  • No Bugs on purpose. (penalty: Match lost)
  • No doubleswitch. (penalty: Lost 100 in-Match points)
  • No Spawn kill and Spawn nading. (penalty: Lost 100 in-Match points) Spawned team cannot be attacked within first 3 seconds inside of spawn area (room, street, etc). If spawned player left the spawn-area before 3 sec it is allowed to attack him.


- A-Bomb Nightclub
- The Wolcott Project
- Foodwall Restaurant
- FairFax Residence
- Qwik Fuel Convenience Store
- Red Library Office
- Northside Vending
- Riverside Training Facility
- Victory Imports Auto Center

(Rules might be edited before Tournament beggining, in case of some questions feel free to ask one of organizers)
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