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The new professional tournament will be held in July, sign up period started on June 15. and it will last 30 days. So, hurry and sign up your team..

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 RD Tournament Rules

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PostSubject: RD Tournament Rules   Tue Sep 20, 2011 5:39 pm

(Before you will sign in your team, read carefully)


* Tournament - Official name "SWAT4 v1.1 RD Tournament" developed by Michal, LanS and supported by other organizations.
* Organizers - Tournament staff developing and handling tournament.
* Server - SWAT4 game server configured by organizers according to server settings below.
* Team - clan/team/community signed in tournament according to sign in rules below.
* Player - member of team signed in tournament or tournament forum user.
* Bug - game defect made not purposely by game programmers.
* Cheat - modified game file or other files used in match to make advantage to player (excluded communication software).
* Spawn - Reborn of all players in match (time period 3-5 seconds from reborn at reborn area).

Sign In Rules:

* Deadline to sign in is 10.10.2011. Possible are exceptions to make groups equal.
* To sign in your team make new separated topic >>HERE<< for your team.
* Sign up team can only team leader, designated person by him or team war organizer to do it. In other case team will be cancelled in tournament.
* Person signing up team will be team`s main representant in tournament.
* Every clan/team/community can sign up only 2 teams.
* Each player can represent only 1 team.
* Sign in topic HAVE TO contain following informations:
- Team name
- Team tag
- Team leader`s name
- Team web site
- Your X-fire name
- Note that "We are accepting and we will follow tournament rules"
* All successful signed in teams will appear >>HERE<<.

General Rules:

* Tournament start: 14.10.2011.
* Tournament language is English.
* Tournament hours are CET (CET time supported >>HERE<<).
* Tournament matches will be played since 14.10 till 28.10. Hours of matches will be placed by organizers in schedules.
* Signed in teams will play group matches (4 groups), later 2 best teams of every group will play in play-off matches.
* Group match pointing:
- winner gets 3 points
- in case of tie teams gets 1 point
- in case of loosing match team gets 0 points.
* In case of same score in group table on the end of group matches better position have team who won match between them.
* in case of tie in play-off match, referee is choosing one more balanced map.
* Extra tie map in play-off match is played according to match rules.
* There are no restrictions about players of signed teams.
* Not all players of each team have to be registered at tournament forum.
* Team`s representants are obligated to inform all players of their team about tournament rules.
* Bad language or bad behavior of players at forum or server are not allowed.
* Matches played will be 4vs4+ (max 6vs6).
* Counted to score will be won rounds.
* Every team is choosing 2 different maps for match.
* Every map will be played 2 rounds (every team will play every map 1x as SWAT, 1x as Suspects).
* Before switchall in 2nd played round, every map has to be restarted.
* Every match will be played according to tournament schedules >>HERE<< (penalty: lost match).
* R-client isn't allowed (penalty: lost match).
* UAC3 match ID will be placed in tournament schedule >>HERE<<.
* During the match there will a spectator who will act as a referee so rules are not broken such as spawnkilling.
* All complaints about match or referee players can post at tournament forum with picture/video to prove their words.

Match Rules:

* No cheats/bugs, with UAC3.
* Spawn killing, spawn nading isn't allowed except situation when bomb is near respawn area.

Server Settings: (general leads)

* Server game is SWAT4 v1.1.
* Server name is: "World Mafia | War Server"
* Server mod is RD.
* Server original skins.
* Every round will have maximum 10 minutes.
* Latest GezAdminMod is installed at server, other admin mods are not installed.
* Locked all original maps at server.
* Locked 2 rounds for every map.
* Webadmin ports removed.
* Color names not allowed.
* All newbie protection removed (team kill, spam, idle, weapon replacement).
* Ping protection removed.
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RD Tournament Rules
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