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PostSubject: VIP stage CHAMPION   Tue Nov 24, 2015 1:53 pm

Hereby I announce the champion of VIP stage of this league is |SoH| Shadow of horse team. They deserved winning VIP with outstanding performance by winning all matches.
Ghost team scored 2nd place
||ESA|| scored 3rd
Bh| scored 4th

Best player in this league is: |SoH|Charfire  for the highest K/D scores. Congrats!
Best match result is: 2 won this 1st Ghost vs <<|SoH|>> 8-0 and  |SoH| vs <<|SoH|>> 8-0

Thanks to all teams who participated in the VIP stage. It was good fortune to all SWAT community that we could arrange a VIP league in 2015 without any no-show or time-forced matches.
Special thanks to our Referees who took care of the matches and kept them in clean and competitive atmosphere: Michal, Charfire, Ghost Assassin, Sun, Hubert, Dida, Trollzilla, Badtime, Alien and Bummy.

Organizing team
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PostSubject: Re: VIP stage CHAMPION   Wed Nov 25, 2015 11:12 am

Yes! Let's hope RD stage will be as good as VIP!! Smile
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