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 Matches Schedule - 2nd stage RD mode

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PostSubject: Matches Schedule - 2nd stage RD mode    Wed Nov 18, 2015 12:53 pm

Week 1:
||ESA||  vs  |MYT|
|SoH|  vs  Ghost
Bh| vs «|SoH|»
Week 2:
Bh|  vs  ||ESA||
|MYT|  vs  |SoH|
ghost vs «|SoH|»
ًWeek 3:
Bh|  vs  |SoH|
Ghost  vs  |MYT|
||ESA|| vs «|SoH|»
Week 4:
||ESA||  vs  |SoH|
Bh|  vs  Ghost
|MYT| vs «|SoH|»
Week 5:
||ESA||  vs  Ghost
Bh|  vs  |MYT|
|SoH| vs «|SoH|»
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Matches Schedule - 2nd stage RD mode
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