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The new professional tournament will be held in July, sign up period started on June 15. and it will last 30 days. So, hurry and sign up your team..

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 Multi-mode tournament General Rules

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PostSubject: Multi-mode tournament General Rules   Mon Sep 21, 2015 10:01 am

Tournament - Official name "SWAT4 V1.1 Multi-mode Tournament". Download swat 4 1.1 from -->Here<--

Server - SWAT4 game server hosted by Rugi.

Communication tools - Because the shut down of xfire we have decided those tools as an official communication tools(every team leader must have at least one of them):

Tournament forum, Steam, EvolveHD and Teamspeak!


General Rules:
1-  Tournament 1st week will start at Friday 9th of October 2015

2-  Match Date: Teams have 1 week time to play their scheduled match. If they didn't agree on a date until Friday in the current match-week, the organizers will set a neutral

3- Number of Players: Minimum 4vs4. Less than 4 players make it count as "no show" (0:4 loss), if both teams lack players, for both teams!

4- Player Drop: If a player drops during match, the round continues and he should join again or one of he view players join. If the team didn't have a view players and the player didn't join before the next round beginning ( 4v3) match forfeit and the rest of the rounds will be given to the team with full squad!

5- Both teams have to choose their map at the beginning of the match, referees should not start the match before both teams declare their maps! The first mentioned team chooses and plays their map first, the other team decides about starting as suspect or SWAT!

6- In case of a tie in the knock out stage 3rd map have to be played and should be chosen in the elimination system by the 2 teams leaders and a referee in server or in the tournament official communication tools!

7- 2 No Show=Kick: Two no shows and/or match forfeits will lead to a kick from the tournament. All matches (also the ones that have been played) will be counted as a 0:4 loss!

8- Referee's are the main responsible of every match, referees' decisions will be applied as long they are within the rules.
Note about 8: referees can postpone their decision after the match if they need to look to chat log or they are not sure about some rules.

9- Everyone can post his opinion about anything in the tournament in mature and polite way, any offense to the teams, referees or the organizers or spams will have consequences.

10- Only referees may use the admin login, if any of the teams players logged in, referees should kick him immediately and he can rejoin, on the 2nd incidence referee should ban him from the server and his team should pick other player to play!

11- Servers will contains 15 maps in the server list according to the mode to avoid lags, if you want to choose one of the removed maps, you must  inform organizers before at least 1 hour from your match, otherwise you have to choose from the server list !
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Multi-mode tournament General Rules
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