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The new professional tournament will be held in July, sign up period started on June 15. and it will last 30 days. So, hurry and sign up your team..

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 VIP rules!

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PostSubject: VIP rules!   Tue Sep 15, 2015 5:05 pm


Match Rules

1 Camping and exit camping is allowed.

2 Spawn camping is not allowed.

3 Spawn raping (nading & killing) is allowed if the ViP is in the vicinity (nearby or visible). If the ViP is not in the vicinity, players can not shoot or throw granades to respawned players till 3 seconds after respawn. But if the respawned player moves out of respawn area during 3s after respawn, he can be killed or naded.

4 Cheating is strictly prohibited. Referees are advised to record a video if they are suspicious of someone's gameplay.

5 Bugging is not allowed. Gliding through a closing door, or arresting/freeing through a closed door is not considered as a bug.

6 Window shooting and double-switching is allowed.

7 ViP suicide and pre-hurting as SWAT is not allowed.

8 Double switch is allowed.

Violation of rules 2, 3, 5 and 7 will result in the round (of which the offence took place) to be forfeited to the opposing team.
In the case of an infringement of rule 4, the whole match to which the incident related will be forfeited, and in the case of a cheater, will be excluded from the tournament.
All decisions in-game will be made at the Referee's discretion.

Every match will be played 5v5, if there is shortage in players match can be played 4v4.

viewers will not be able to be in the game there will be 1 ref in each game.
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VIP rules!
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