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 Tournament idea and simple rules

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PostSubject: Tournament idea and simple rules   Thu Dec 13, 2012 12:32 pm

Idea of this tournament was first introduced here: swat4news.blogspot.com.

Its main concept is following:
- mode - Rapid Deployment
- map - only one NEW map is played, it will be chosen later
- small number of teams, 3-6.
- 4vs4+ (if both teams agree, also 3vs3 would be accepted)
- short length of tournament, 1-2 weeks but max. 1 month.
- playing system everyone vs everyone. Victory=2 points, tie=1 point, loss=0 points

Additional rules:
- UAC3 on
- mix teams allowed, players with bad reputation can be denied to participate
- all game tactics allowed with the exception of cheating, intentional bugging and repeated spawn-rape (i.e. repeated spawn-nade or repeated spawn-camp)
- version 1.0
- 4 rounds in each match. Teams should be switched after every round.
- round length 10 minutes, other server usual for CW, but are not strictly set.

I think we don't need detailed rules. Only experienced players will participate so when we say "UAC on" I expect everyone knows what that means. There is one rule above all - behave nicely. If you dislike something, let's talk about it calmly. In case of an argument I reserve the right to decide. this is not to have some extra power but to avoid useless and long/lasting arguments.

(Note that though this tournament is played on one map only, in case of success it will have a continuation on another new map. Also new teams that not participated in the first map will be allowed to register.)

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Tournament idea and simple rules
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