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PostSubject: SWAT4 1.1 BS Tournament 2012 ELIMINATIONS SUMMARY   Fri Sep 21, 2012 7:04 pm

Hello everyone.

We have finished already first stage of BS Tournament. 12 Teams will play now in one group for the title of currently best BS 2vs2 Players in 2012 year.

During eliminations we (as Players and Organizers) had several troubles, including having rules not fixed to current situation and reality. Author of the rules was me with consultating them with other people. Anyway true is that my knowledge was too limited to make them perfect from the beginning, also they are not perfect now, but I belive that good enough to play matches as they should be played. I miss only thing that all comments addressed to rules and organizers were not posted beore Tournament started. Technical issues in my oppinion were solved 29.08, after this day were problems only with schedule issues, I belive that they were solved as fair as it is possible, having on mind presentation of skills by Team members and respect to the other Players, including respect of their time.

There wont be never situation that everyone will be happy, but my idea of this Tournament was not to please everyone, just to make conditions to play fair matches and to find most able team (repeating - with best skills, solid and having respect to other Players).

Very often I am using `me` writing about this Tournament, but several people were working on preparing it, working on idea, consulting rules, preparing graphical design, inviting teams, sending us money for prices, making automized group tables and many many other things. Maybe at some moments our ideas discordant what caused conflicts, but i have to thank to these people who really helped with making this Tournament alive. Also I want to sorry to them for my uncompromising personality.

It is hardest Tournament that I was co-organizing. I think that VIP or RD cups are much easier to handle, maybe because of quantity of teams participing, maybe because of charakter of BS community witch can be different to rest of SWAT4 people. Ofcorse there are serious teams also Smile I hope that present form of all rules will able to avoid misunderstandings. My priority is to handle this Tournament to the end and to find most able Team (with best skills, solid and having respect to other Players).


Successfull Registered Teams: 45
Failed Registered Teams: 18
Played Matches: 42 (including 20 not counted after quit/removing team)
One team no shows posted matches: 12 (including not counted)
Quit Teams: 16
No show removed teams: 10
Eliminated teams: 7
Complained matches: 6 (spawn, re-match requests)
Teams in Final Ladder: 12


Best Regards

P.S. If someone is thinking that im wasting time handlig this tournament(s) just to be famous in SWAT4 community than is totally wrong Very Happy I just do not know noone who would try to organize biggest event in this game Smile Also I liked this game much enough to do my best Smile
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