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 Tpa vs Lastminute

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PostSubject: Tpa vs Lastminute   Thu Sep 13, 2012 4:32 pm

Rozmowa rozpoczęta pomiędzy Ŧpд»| LдnŠ «3 ♥ a SaD| Cyrkiel: Thu, Sep 13 17:46:31 2012
[17:46] SaD| Cyrkiel: i co masz kogos?
[17:46] SaD| Cyrkiel: siemka
[17:46] Ŧpд»| LдnŠ «3 ♥: songoo bedzie na 19
[17:46] SaD| Cyrkiel: nooo git

we have an appointment before, we wanted to write to the administrator but it was not, wanted to postpone because we did not fit imposed, we agreed to today, a few days ago therefore, there was no one on the imposed deadline and, therefore ' no show' We want play today at 19:00
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Tpa vs Lastminute
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