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 to team represetants & forum members

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PostSubject: to team represetants & forum members   Tue Aug 14, 2012 11:30 pm

-- few notes about rules, matches and forum activity --

Rule breaking behaviour during a match or posting in forum can have major consequences for status in tournament. Leaving a match without a valid reason will be considered as an act of desertion, that's howerver will take a place mainly on your own shoulders. Using admin password for gaining an advantage or using it accidiontly during a match completly not allowed, not welcome and will lead to kick from the tournament. Complaints should be put forward to me and/or posted in right section of the forum. Backup your complaint with valid reason; dont come to me with emty hands : get a proof such as screen or a video, upload it and post a link in the thread with match result or send it via PM. Do not waste time by just nagging. Complaints without proof will not be approved in any case.
We rely on members availability for matches, if you can't make it to a match please post it on forum to let everyone know you are not available. Of course everyone is not going to like that punishment is actually punishment not just stroke in a long text, but if you wish to become a proud winner and take cash, please respect the decisions of the admins and members because the rules and regulations we make are for the benefit of the tourno as a whole, and to help keep ourselves organised and respected - and most important of all, to have fun.

About poll conserdering stat fps thingy and any other public polls that might take a place: If somehow you will not be satisfied with the desicions taken according to the poll, you know where door is.

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to team represetants & forum members
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