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 (READ FIRST) Registration Rules

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PostSubject: (READ FIRST) Registration Rules   Sun Jun 24, 2012 8:07 am

Quote :
(Before you will register your team, read carefully)


prepared in 19.06.2012

about BS Tournament currently running



Team Registration

§10 Deadline to register Team is 31.07.2012. Possible are exceptions to make groups equal.
§11 To register your Team make new separated topic >>HERE<<.
§12 Person registering Team will be automatically team`s main representant in Tournament and will be added to >>BS 1.1 TEAM REPRESENTANTS<< forum group.
§13 Each Player can represent only 1 Team.
§14 Each team can have unlimited number of Players.
§15 Registered Players of each Team need to be awared about this by Teams Representant, in other case Team will be removed from Tournament.
§16 Registered Players of Team do not have to be registered at Tournament forum, only Team Representant have to be.
§17 Every clan/community can register unlimited quantity of Teams but have to remember about limitation in §13 and §19.
§18 Team Registration topic HAVE TO contain following informations:
1) Team tag;
2) Info about Players of the Team:
a) nicknames;
b) UAC IDs;
c) Xfire names;
3) Note that "We are accepting and we will follow Tournament Rules".
§19 Players with banned any of his any released UAC accounts and with cheats detected on it are not allowed to play in this Tournament. If Organizers will verify that this rule was broken by Player, whole Team of this Player is removed from Tournament.
§20 All successful registered Teams will be confirmed by Organizers and will appear >>HERE<<;
1) In case of specifying same tag by 2 or more Teams, rights for using it have the first one writing it in Registration post,
2) Two or more registered Players can have the same nickname, but they can not be physically the same persons (using the same computer)
3) In case of releasing new UAC vesrion, Players are obligated to update their UAC IDs if they will have to be changed.
4) Every Player have to be able to play at Server with Antics.


SOURCE: >>Tournament Rules<<
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(READ FIRST) Registration Rules
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