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 SWAT4 1.1 BS Tournament 2012 Invitation

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PostSubject: SWAT4 1.1 BS Tournament 2012 Invitation   Sat Jun 16, 2012 8:33 pm


* !!!PRIZES!!!
* BS 1.1 Tournament Rules
* BS 1.1 Time Rams
* BS 1.1 Register Your Team
* Tournament Xfire Group
* Tutorials (UAC, Antics)

Important info:

- starts 01.08.2012
- join for free
- mixed teams allowed
- every clan/community can register several teams
- 2vs2
- prizes to win
- tutorials to help you with usage of software and _v1.1 games version
- in use UAC and Antics
- every match - 4 rounds/2 maps, every round - 15min
- everyone is invited
- UAC banned cheaters not allowed to play it
- 1/2 of match played at your server and 1/2 of match at opponents server
- if you have no server you can choose one of tournaments server (EU or US)
- tournaments language - english

For more details visit pls tournaments site and read the rules

x: 1754957; nagi1;
w: www.swat4tournament.com
e: tournament.swat4@gmail.com


You want to play our SWAT4v1.1 BS 2vs2 Tournament and you have problem to find team mates?

Try to visit this subforum and announce for Players dating Wink mixed teams are allowed:


Best rgds

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SWAT4 1.1 BS Tournament 2012 Invitation
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