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The new professional tournament will be held in July, sign up period started on June 15. and it will last 30 days. So, hurry and sign up your team..

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 BS Tournament Good News and Bad News

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PostSubject: BS Tournament Good News and Bad News   Sat Feb 18, 2012 7:30 pm

Hello there.

I am thinking about BS tournament every day more seriously. Today was made an idea, that I want to egzecute in case of tournament start, that there will be MONEY PRICES. Yes there are already people ready to donate this event. Also will be started BS Tournament Price FUND to increase amount of money to win. Also we will have offers for sponsors, but more about this next time.

Bad news for 1.0 lovers is that tournament will be played only at v1.1 of SWAT4 game. Because of money prices we decided to investigate myths and facts about cheating with UAC3 at v1.0. We recieved informations that SWAT4 1.0 can not be secured with UAC, SMAC or Antics as good as 1.1 because of game`s design. SWAT4 v1.1 was fixed with bugs and desight witch allows to scn by UAC files that they are not able to be chacked at 1.0. Thats why there will be no more 1.0 tournaments organized at this platform.

I am sad because of this, I wanted to make this event big as it is possible. Anyway there will be prepared file for people who still have not 1.1 to download to your computer that you:


It can not be more easy to do.

I hope that Swat4News will also concider to move his League to SWAT4 v1.1.
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BS Tournament Good News and Bad News
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