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 News, important changes, sincere thanks and request.

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PostSubject: News, important changes, sincere thanks and request.   Wed Oct 12, 2011 2:31 pm

First of all I would like to inform you about some final changes. I didn't expect 24 teams in cup so first important alteration in rules is the possibility to play games since october 14th till october 28th. Each group has 6 teams so that mean 5 matchs in group stage. I assume 2 weeks are enough to find common date for both clans. Anyway captains of teams/ clans have time to arrange all game dates till the 21 october plus post info on forum otherwise I will force own date. I believe everybody is able to come to an understanding and an intervention by organisers isn't needed.
Soon I will post information about passwords to servers (need to change configuration of servers)
As I mentioned earlier we can use 3 servers for tournament:
Max passwords join , super admin password soon will apear in section "Representants Only"

I received some questions about spawn kill, spawn camping. Well spawn camp is allowed when bomb is near or when you respawn face to face it can happen for example on A Bomb Night Club. I decided to disallow spawn cause we have to big gap between some clans in knowledge about rapid deployment. Anyway it is only game and spawn can happen so please do not complain about that since that isnt "spawn raping" I mean situation like someone count time, trow nade exactly in same time when all reborn (active bomb isn't around) and kill everybody. It is hard to draw line when it is spawn kill when isn't so try to keep game "clean". There is not enough referees anyway we still recruiting them and if you wanna help, pls apply.

From group to play offs advance the 2 best-ranked teams. In play-offs 1st ranked team of group A plays against 2nd ranked of group B and 2nd A vs 1st B. Analogy same in group C and D. 1st C vs 2nd D, 2nd C vs 1st D.

I would like to thank everybody who put effort to improve that Cup. Big thanks for sponsors: Spider, Kaczus, Soviet. This website wouldn't look so good without Nagi and Bluesman who created banners, posters and other graphic elements of website. Big thanks to Titinho creator of RD promo movie. Thanks to PimpMyGun owner of the website. Thanks to all who helped with promotion cup, representants, referees and everyone else who I forgot mention.

I wanna ask for a favor. This event is quite big so it is hard to make smooth organization. I wish there will be no matches finished as "no show". I hope everybody who did sign up to Cup will be punctual. Please respect time other clans/ teams. Try to follow rules and do not create unnecessary problems.


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PostSubject: Re: News, important changes, sincere thanks and request.   Wed Oct 12, 2011 4:51 pm

thanks Mich, got it
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News, important changes, sincere thanks and request.
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