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 List of teams participing in tournament

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PostSubject: List of teams participing in tournament   Tue Sep 20, 2011 5:58 pm

1. Name: EPIC
Tag: {EPIC}>
Leader: BluesMan
Xfire: bluesman88
Website: www.epicloss.webs.com

2. Name: Seek & Destroy
Tag: SaD|
Leader: halaj
Xfire: cyrkielpl89, halaj000
Website: http://sad-poland.aaf.pl

3. Name: The Power Akatsuki
Tag: Tpa»|
Leader: LanS
Xfire: raitox14
Website: http://tpa-multigaming.xaa.pl

4. Name: eLement Gaming
Tag: eLe|
Leader: Bummy,Smile,Perkele,DeathAngel
Xfire: no1raphael, snitz10, blowperkele, deathangelzd
Website: http://eleclan.foorumini.com/

5. Name: World Mafia
Tag: |WM|
Leader: SilverKnight and SabbatH
Xfire: blackknight28 , sabbath86
Website: http://worldmafia.net/

6. Name: Fabulous obscene & Xtraordinary
Tag: FoX|
Leader: Spider and Mig
Xfire: spiderveprcz, migsvk
Website: http://fox.webovka.eu

7. Name: |G3| Polish Clan
Team tag: |G3|
Team leader's name: Cywik, Siwy
Xfire: cywik07, torennto
Team website: http://www.g3polishclan.aaf.pl

8. Name:WestCoast
Team tag:WestCoast|
Team leader`s name:Semavi,The Man
Team web site: http://westcoastswat4.forumotion.com/

9. Name:Special Force One
Team tag:{S1F}
Team leader name:skullman
Xfire: skullman11
Website: http://s1f.pl/

10. Name: Navy Seal's| <|Seal|> European Gaming
Tag: <|Seal|>
Leader: BuG_MaSteR
Xfire: potwor3
Website: http://seal-gaming.xaa.pl/

11. Name: Polish Infantry Division
Tag: <|PiD|>
Leader: BartekRTK, Deivid, Wodzu
Xfire: bartekrtk
Website: http://www.pidswat.cba.pl/

12. Name: European Swat Alliance
Tag: ||ESA||
Leader: ||ESA||zg(cro),||ESA||radar,||ESA||pennywise
Xfire: zgcro ,k3nwyn, bwukk
Website: http://www.esaclan.nl/servers/

13. Name: Oddział Prewencji Policji
Tag: <|OPP|>
Xfire: oppbvg & rob1991erto
Website: www.clan-opp.cba.pl & www.opp-fora.cba.pl

14. Name: Green Street Elite
Tag: |GSE|
Leader: Kubix, Rider, Yoda
Xfire: kubuniek93, zuleczek22, fu1988
Website: www.clantnf.eev.pl

15. Name: Turkish Soldiers
Tag: {TRS}
Leader: Real Hunter
Xfire: hayalet1076
Website: www.trsclan.net

16. Name: KahunaLand
Tag: {KL}
Leader: {KL}4life; {KL}EmoPig
Xfire: www.klclan.eu
Website: sotoss; xxxemopigxxx

17. Name: HaX
Tag: HaX<
Leader: rugi
Xfire: saloci89
Website: -

18. Name: Dead or Alive
Tag: |DoA|
Leader: |DoA|>MaPsTaR<Cmd>
Xfire: mapstar87
Website: http://www.doa-swat-clan.de

19. Name: Elite Loyalist Faction
Tag: {ELF}
Leader: {ELF}Joker
Xfire: therealjoker88
Website: www.elf-clan.org

20. Name: Smashing Gaming
Tag: (SGT)
Leader: Vito, Prividushka,LubaHa
Xfire: sgt666lubaha
Website: http://sgaming.ru,http://forum.sgaming.ru

21. Name: Fast Attack
Tag: |FA|
Leader: EwoLt
Xfire: fototifo
Website: -

22. Name: MYT Gaming Community
Tag: |MYT|
Leader: |MYT|Braveheart
Xfire: bebraveheart
Website: http://mytteam.com/

23. Name: Combat Tatical Arms
Tag: <CTA>
Leader: <CTA>Mani
Xfire: maniwan
Website: www.cta-multiclan.tk/

24. Name: The Power Akatsuki (second team)
Tag: Tpa»|
Leader: LanS
Xfire: raitox14
Website: www.tpa-multigaming.xaa.pl

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List of teams participing in tournament
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