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 Payroll & Donating $$$

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PostSubject: Payroll & Donating $$$   Payroll & Donating $$$ Icon_minitimeWed Jun 13, 2018 11:10 pm

Donation period will be opened till the end of the tournament (after finals it will be closed). So everything depends of a donors when we are speaking about prizes. Our first goal was to try to collect 600 Euros, but in this communitty that looks like Inception thing, dream of a dream inside of a dream....This is how it will be, for now we can give money prize only to a winners of this cup. If we recive more donations we will make prizes for 2nd team too etc etc, so everything depends of a good people who will donate.

Everyone can donate using this infos:

RIB : 30004 00808 00001950503 75
IBAN : FR76 3000 4008 0800 0019 5050 375
Wilson Sgroi

OR PayPal:

Payment to the winners (2nd place and 3rd place possibly):

depending on how much money we collect prizes will be defined, for now we got prizes for winners only, leader of this team will recive 100 Euros.

Probably someone wondering what is going to be with money if smthing turned bad. In this case all money will be refunded to evey single donor.

Payroll & Donating $$$ High111
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Payroll & Donating $$$
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