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PostSubject: READ BEFORE SIGNING UP   Wed Jun 13, 2018 10:41 pm

Before anything else, ensure you have read and acknowledged the Rules and Event Format, the Payroll and have your 1.1 ready with Antics installed.
You are now ready to signup - there are 2 different ways; as a team, as an individual looking for a team:


To signup a team

Put your team name as the subject, then list your squad members in the topic using their most recognizable names. Signing up somebody with a random new nickname they adopted a week ago might cause delays when background checks are carried out. List the steam ID and Discord ID of your teamleader and teammates. Ensure you have atleast 6 players in your squad (squad of 5 will only be accepted in exceptional circumstances). Add more players to your team as possible to avoid no show matches !!!

During the singing up period we will decide, you will either be ACCEPTED, REJECTED or placed in a PENDING status. If you are accepted - congrats, your place is secured. If you are rejected, a reason will be stated and depending on the issue(s) being resolved, you may resubmit the squad application and it will be reviewed again.

If your team is placed in a pending status, this means a decision will be made on 15 July (the deadline date) whether your team is in or out. Ultimately this will depend on a variety of factors, including the number of quality teams already in the tournament. If you receive a pending status and are worried you may ultimately be rejected on July 15, you can resubmit your application with a revised squad and it will be reviewed again.

Remember that the accept/reject/pending decisions are made purely at the organizer's discretion, and are final. It's very easy to predict (knowing the SWAT community) that drama may ensue from a certain decision - but they are made using all knowledge that is available and without any intended bias.

To signup yourself as an individual

Put your most recognizable player name in the subject, then list your favourite gamemode plus any previous achievements (if any) in the topic, tell something about your swat 4 career and leave us some contact, steam or discord. Please do not be discouraged thinking that signing up as an individual means you are "begging" for a team. If team X is rejected for not having enough quality and player X (who is a good player) signs up as an individual, they could quite easily merge and the team be accepted. Obviously this is not so simple in practice - due to player relations etc  - but it would be a shame if people do not participate because they don't have a team and are too shy/embarrassed to signup individually. This tournament will have money prizes and the opportunity to play in such an event will likely never occur again.




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