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 »Cartel« vs qR - Grand Final ~ 7-5

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»Cartel« vs qR - Grand Final ~ 7-5 Empty
PostSubject: »Cartel« vs qR - Grand Final ~ 7-5   »Cartel« vs qR - Grand Final ~ 7-5 Icon_minitimeTue Jul 11, 2017 10:17 pm

Maps: Foodwall(2-3, 1 tie) , DNA(3-2, 1 tie) , Hospital(2-0, 1 tie. last round wasnt play because qR dropped)

»Cartel«: Valera, Brk, Sun, Real_Force, ESjonne
qR: Tommy, Unn, September, Bummy, DrEvilking, Darkkop

Referee notes: Long and tough game, both teams showed high game level and nice team work. Original maps ended as a tie 5-5, and we went to 3rd map was chosen by elimination way.

Match notes: We started in qR maps, qR started strong and won 1st round. cartel won the next round to tie 1-1. 3rd round ended by tie, neither teams could win it. then qR won 2 rounds on row, but cartel won a round making the result 3-2 in qR favor.

2nd map, DNA, qR started very strong as swat, winning 1st 2 rounds making the result 5-2 and put the match on line for Cartel. Yet Cartel has proved once again they are the masters of comeback and won the next 3 rounds putting the match to its beginning with the tie 5-5. Cartel has the advantage of swat side, but qR fought well and refused to give up the title so easy, making good pushes by qR|Tommy even locked up the vip in swat spwan for few respwans. But Cartle managed to defend themselves well and refused the vip arrest. Timer was counting below 1 minute, Cartel tried the hard push from both sides to secure and close the match, but qR|Bummy was waiting the vip understairs, with nice tase he managed to arrest him and the last round of the origin maps ended by tie.

At this point qR|Unn left the match, forcing qR to replace him by qR|Darkkop. After deciding the 3rd map with team leaders by elimination way, We continued the match in Hospital map. 1st round was the longest and ended by tie. 2nd round was hard push by Cartel, they cleared exit 3 times but vip went to exit on the 3rd only. with 2 swat in exit and vip and suspects coming from the spwan, swat struggled to breach exit and unwedged the door by toolkit. almost lost it but they managed to get vip in exit successfully making the result 6-5 and putting match on line for qR. switching sides, qR as swat tried the early push bw by 3 and leaving mw to vip and 1 swat trying the 69. But cartel defense was very solid, they couldnt breach bw even after several attempts. They switch to mw pushing it very hard, with qR|Tommy clearing the way with 3 kills, reaching exit and vip behind him. he killed 2 of the respwaned and breached exit. Here Cartel hold their breath killing the followup swat on mw, and »Cartel«BrK with amazing tase shot, managed to freeze vip on the exit door but died to Tom who was already in exit. His mates didnt waste his effort and killed the last swat in exit then arrested the vip. Last 2 mins of this game and this cup, »Cartel« pushed their ways to SWAT spwan by Valera and Brk. And Valera finished this cup with an arrest. Winner was decided at this point, and qR didnt want to continue the last round. So we called the match off and finished another chapter of Swat with a great match.

Congratz to »Cartel«, GG and hard luck for qR


Match Video:
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»Cartel« vs qR - Grand Final ~ 7-5 Empty
PostSubject: Re: »Cartel« vs qR - Grand Final ~ 7-5   »Cartel« vs qR - Grand Final ~ 7-5 Icon_minitimeTue Jul 11, 2017 10:58 pm

Damn bravo what a thrilling comment, it made me laugh so hard at some points Laughing . I got tired reading it in the end Sad Laughing

congrats to the winners!

and thanks everyone for a good tournament! swat 4 <3
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»Cartel« vs qR - Grand Final ~ 7-5
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