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 »Cartel« vs qR| ~ 7-5

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»Cartel« vs qR| ~ 7-5 Empty
PostSubject: »Cartel« vs qR| ~ 7-5   »Cartel« vs qR| ~ 7-5 Icon_minitimeMon May 29, 2017 9:31 am

Maps: Abomb(3-3) - Hospital (4-2)

Referee note: Nice game, well played.
Thanks for Alex for streaming the match

Match report: Match started in abomb, qR started strong with good team work securing first round, but cartel played well and finished qR map with a tie 3-3.
2nd map qR started as swat and took control of back way very early but cartel defense was very solid until they killed the vip 2 times making the result 3-5 in qR favor and putting match on line. qR needed 1 round to secure match point, but Cartel refused to lose and made a great come back winning 4 rounds on row, 1 as suspects and 3 as swat. Overall it was nice match and worth watching.

Match video:
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»Cartel« vs qR| ~ 7-5
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