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 Overall Event format (REVISED)

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PostSubject: Overall Event format (REVISED)   Sat Jul 23, 2016 5:37 pm

2 Eliminators - the winners advance with qRage into the 'Main Phase'

Main Phase
Each fixture will have three matches in itself - 2v2 BS, 5v5 VIP and 5v5 RD. Victory in an individual match yields 2 points, draw 1 point and loss is zero points. For example, Team A vs Team B - Team A wins the BS and VIP match but loses the RD match - they would have 4 points from 3 games, having won 2 and lost 1, all against Team B.

The top team of the group standings (after all matches are complete) will be declared the winner. In the event of a tie on points, rounds difference will determine the higher ranked team and if teams are still equal, points difference over the BS matches will determine the successor. Note that BS match results will be based on points but rounds will also be accounted for (e.g. Team A wins 165-152 vs Team B,  but in terms of rounds it was 2-2. Their Rounds Difference would be 0 and Points Difference +13).
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Overall Event format (REVISED)
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